Platform Projects @ Art-Athina
Faliron Pavilion, Athens, Greece
15 - 18 May 2014

Submission Deadline EXTENDED
Online Submission Deadline Extended: Sunday 27 April 12pm
Delivery of Work Deadline: Wednesday 30 April 5pm

(Post, or drop off in person in collection box at gallery entrance)

Submission Guidelines:
• Submit up to three artworks.
• Price: £12 for 1 work; £18 for 2 works; £20 for 3 works. All proceeds used towards art fair and installation costs.
• Payment and details of each submission must be provided by the artist using the form at the bottom of this webpage.
• Artworks can be any dimension, as long as each artwork FITS INSIDE AN A5 ENVELOPE.
• All submissions must be sent in A5 envelopes by post to :
Enclave 8, 50 Resolution Way
London SE8 4AL
• Artworks must be able to withstand the postal journey to us and back to you.
• Please write your PayPal payment reference number clearly on the envelope.
• If you are sending work from outside the EU, its is your responsibility to make sure that you understand all customs procedures and pay any customs dues.

Selection of Work
• We aim to represent around 200 artworks at Art Athina.
• Successful entries will be listed in full on the LUBOMIROV-EASTON website by 14 May. Please check the website to see if your work has been selected.
• All works will be reviewed by Iavor Lubomirov and Bella Easton as a way of researching a large number of artists. The most interesting submissions will result in invitations to future projects, either in the gallery or off-site.

Sale of Work
• LUBOMIROV-EASTON will offer all work in their booth for sale, unless the artist indicates that the work is not for sale in their application. The gallery’s commission of 40% must be included in your asking price.

Return of Work
• If you would like your work returned, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

About the Art Fair

Launched in 1993 by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association, Art-Athina stands today as one of the longest lasting contemporary art fairs in Europe and as the largest annual visual arts event in Greece. In 2013 the fair welcomed 30,000 visitors, including significant Greek and foreign art galleries, cultural institutions, curators, collectors and art critics.

About Platform Project

Platform Project @ Art Athina comprises 45 international artist-led galleries and projects, co-ordinated by artist-curator Artemis Potamianou. As well as this major role for Art Athina, Potamianou has curated a number of important exhibitions in Greece for artists such as Joseph Kosuth, Terry Atkinson, Peter Greenaway, Candice Brietz, Guerrilla Girls and Damien Hirst. In 2013 Platform Project included organisations from 16 countries with more than 500 artists. This year, LUBOMIROV-EASTON aims to double the number of artists represented at the fair through their A5 project.

Exhibition Concept

For this year’s Platform Projects @ Art Athina, LUBOMIROV-EASTON has invited a large number of international artists to send a letter to Greece. The only restriction on artwork is that it must fit inside an A5 envelope – a size which represents a single fold in the standard A4 letter size. Rooted in a tradition of postcard shows, such as the annual ‘Secrets’ at the Royal College, as well as referencing mail art and the New York Correspondence School, this format has the advantage not only of simplifying freight, but crucially of allowing a larger number of artists to be shown together. Thus the show is conceived as a kind of communal artwork, a joint letter from one community of artists to another, to be assembled on site from hundreds of individual pieces. It is the nature of Platform Projects, as a gathering of international artist-led organisations, which are each other’s audience as much as the visitors to the fair, that makes this form of address to other artist communities possible.

The participating artists have complete freedom to interpret the 148x210 mm envelope space and there are no restrictions made on contents: whether the work is a postcard, a letter, or poster; whether painting, drawing, or sculpture; any object is allowed, including digital media such as a CD, DVD, or memory stick, or anything else that can be mailed and survive the postal journey there and back. There are no thematic restrictions either, and the resulting collection is intended as a broad snapshot of practices and ideas. It is then the role of the curator and the viewer to search out signs of a common language, which may perhaps exist, or be perceived to exist.

The artists are, however, invited to consider the wider implications of the A5 format, such as for example its geometric properties, its history, its ubiquitous circulation. The A0 to A10 series of paper sizes have been used as an international standard throughout Europe and most of the world for nearly a hundred years. They were invented by a German scientist in the 18th century and first used officially in France during the Revolution. Their especial genius is the simple and elegant concept of creating a rectangle which preserves its width-to-length ratio when folded in half. For this to work, it can be shown that the sides of consecutive A sizes must be reduced by roughly 29% ( a scale factor of 1/√2 ). The largest size in the series, A0, has an area of 1m^2, and this basic unit of scientific measure is folded in half up to 10 times to create all the other sizes.

Because every fold doubles the number of sheets, a single square meter can accommodate up to 32 A5 sheets. Hence the standard walls in Platform Projects give LUBOMIROV-EASTON ample scope to represent a significant range of artists at the fair.

Technical problems were reported over the weekend. If you were unable to submit, please try again before Wednesday. If application form doesn't appear above this text, please refresh/reload this page, or click here.


While utmost care will be taken of all artworks in our care, LUBOMIROV-EASTON accepts no liability for any loss or damage to artworks howsoever arising as a result of submitting to this open call. LUBOMIROV-EASTON does not accept any liability for artworks lost in the post either in transit to us or to you. LUBOMIROV-EASTON will not pay any import/export charges or duties due to work being posted from outside the European Union. All sales, including transaction charges, will be handled by LUBOMIROV-EASTON. In the event of a sale, the artist will receive the amount of their asking price within 1 calendar month via direct electronic transfer to their bank account.